University of California San Diego

The Nievergelt Lab is conducting the PTSD diagnostic GWAS, Phenotype and
Trauma Exposure Harmonization Effort, and our Statistical Core.

The Risbrough Lab leads the Psychophysiology workgroup of the PGC-PTSD.

The Sebat Lab leads the CNV workgroup of the PGC-PTSD.

Duke University

The Imaging workgroup is based at Duke University School of Medicine in collaboration with University of Southern California, Boston University, and Emory University.

The labs of Allison Ashley-Koch and Mike Hauser at Duke University lead the Gene Expression workgroup of the PGC-PTSD.

Emory University

The lab of Alicia Smith leads the epigenetics workgroup in close collaboration with the Uddin Research Group at the University of Illinois University at Urbana Champaign.

Psychiatric Genetics Consortium

The PGC-PTSD operates relatively autonomously under the umbrella organization of the PGC, which has workgroups tackling GWAS for all the major neuropsychiatric conditions.

Lisa Computer Cluster

The PGC-PTSD uses computational resources of the Lisa System for all genomic analyses.

Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research
The DNA extraction, quality control, and genotyping for GWAS is performed at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute.

ENIGMA – Enhancing Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis

The Imaging workgroup of the PGC-PTSD also known as ENIGMA-PTSD utilizes methods, analyses pipelines, and informatics tools developed by ENIGMA.